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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Hey everybody & Happy Tuesday to y'all! As we learned yesterday, Day used the veto to save Kevin and then HOH Dani made Ian the replacement nom. So we have Ian vs Tyler on the block. Which one will be evicted this week? Well, it looks like it's still going to be Ian going to jury on Thursday. 

"But I thought Dani has been gunning for Tyler this whole time?" 

Welcome to the 'This Season Doesn't Make Sense' club. I seriously don't understand this season or these houseguests. lol Nothing is logical. Barely any game moves (just Day using the veto, really). I don't get it. There's literally no strategy. Just a per-formed boot list, it seems (thanks to Derrick's pre-game alliance and planning). 

Davonne using the veto to save Kevin wasn't a good move for her, either. Yes, yes..her game is dead in the water no matter how ya slice it, so it didn't matter if she used it or not. I totally get that. But there's a difference between delaying your own eviction (in 1-2 weeks from now), and throwing a hail mary to try to strategize and move forward in the game. Dani wanted to work with Davonne, and while Dani understands what a hard place Davonne was in (between trusting Dani or taking one of her only few allies left in the game), she just got bumped up on the hit list, so to speak. 

Ian...*sigh* I feel so bad for this kid. He gets mocked by the girl (Dani) who made him a replacement nom this week and if the vote is a tie, she will send him out. Yesterday, he told Nicole that if he leaves this week, it's a "mistake" and "those people responsible" will be held accountable if he ends up in the jury house. (aka lose a jury vote) He also threatened that if he gets sent to jury, he's going to "leave the jury house" and told Nicole good luck because if he's not in the jury house pulling for a former winner (Nicole) to win again, she's going to have one heck of a time winning this season. So I have no idea if Ian actually plans on staying in the jury house or not. 

Ian (alone): "It's infuriating on so many levels...I am in pain by how dumb this is."  (*Us too, Ian. Us too.)

Nicole told Ian and Dani that she's going to try to save Ian this week. Dani said while "the alliance" (really it's just Cody and Memphis) is going to want Ian gone this week, she (Dani) will help her (Nicole) talk to Memphis to see if he'll budge. (*lol yeah, right. Memphis has been gunning for Ian since the millisecond he won BB14). Dani went on to say that she doesn't want Ian to leave but if they keep pushing for him to stay this week, all it's going to do is "put a target on their back" (with Cody/Memphis).

Dani then told Nicole to mentally prepare for Ian to go this week. She added that Ian hasn't won anything this season and he's "just a vote", while Tyler will help them get further in the game.

So in a nutshell, Dani went from wanting Tyler out, to now keeping him because that's what Cody wants. Dani is playing Cody's game. I have to hand it to Cody, he knows exactly how to flirt his way through the game. It's been said on Twitter that Dani seems to really like Cody..LIKE like. The way she's always touching him, the way he's always with her and hugs her a little too long and a little too tight  Dani's romantic track record on BB isn't helping things, either. She cheated on her boyfriend with Nick during BB8. Then she met her husband (Dom) while on BB13.

And that's it for The Overnighter! We can expect Nicole to campaign today to try to save Ian this week (she told Ian last night she's going to start today). Also as a reminder, tonight is a new episode of Big Brother! Normally it's on Wednesday, but this week it's on a Tuesday.


  1. Dani's thinking about Tyler and Ian is just so backwards (opposite of what it should & needs to be)

    1. i agree. it's so strange. i dont' get it.

    2. They need to get Tyler out and backdoor Memphis out asap maybe on double eviction before he has a chance!!

  2. These house gest r scared to play the game go day!!!

  3. Can we just call Derrick the winner of this season already?

  4. What is this Derrick pre game Alliance? You’ve mentioned it a few times and I don’t know what that is referencing? I must have missed something

    1. There is talk that Cody and Nicole and possibly Dani got together to talk and form a pre game alliance that took tips from Derrick on how and what to do to win.


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