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Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday: Veto Ceremony (Spoiler)

Good afternoon, everyone! The HG's had their Veto Ceremony and...

Davonne used the veto on Kevin
Ian is the replacement nom
IAN and TYLER are on the block

As of now, Ian will go in a blindside vote. Either by a close vote, or with Dani breaking the tie. At first, I was sad for Ian (and I still am a little bit) but he's being a great sport about it all. 

Ian: "If I go, I go. May the best man win. It's a game. I don't get mad over games."


  1. Who would have thought with kevin and david nominated we would have tyler vs ian.

    More powers for next weeks please, the hg beg for alcohol we'll beg for twists.

  2. Did anyone see that Tyler and Ian we're both angry that they end up on the block because of the basement powers?
    I read that they both wanted to self evict. Any confirmation?

    1. yes they have both said they would leave the jury house if they are sent there off of these twists.

    2. Tyler has spoken of self eviction since he got caught up in his lie with Dani and Bayleigh. I don't know if he was just looking for sympathy to get out of his predicament but now he claims if he is evicted he won't go to jury house. Ian is also stating that he will not go to jury house if he is evicted but he's also saying that he won't vote for anyone who votes him out so I don't think Ian threats are sincere. But either way both are talking like poor sports and it's disappointing considering they know how the game goes and they knew that going to jury house was part of the game.

    3. I think everyone on this season epitomizes the word entitled other than David. He is the only who wants to work for it


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