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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

BB22: Live Season Finale

Happy Live Season Finale Day!!!! We made it! This season started off so exciting, so messy and so full of promise. Then we quickly figured out (thanks to Keesha getting the first boot of the season) that this might not be a good season. lol Week after week, we watched as our favorites got picked off one by one. Keesha...Janelle...Kaysar...Davonne...Ian...ugh. All of them were punches to the gut for us BB fans. I know a lot of y'all bailed out on the this season after Janelle/Kaysar/Day left, and I really don't blame you. It was a hard season to watch and impossible to blog, as nothing happened on the feeds to blog about. No strategy, no backdoors, no blindsides, no power shifts, no nothing. I'm not sure what we witnessed this season, but it was not the game of Big Brother. Despite that, I tried my best and I am so thankful for everyone's support with donations and signing up for the feeds through me this season!! THANK YOU!!!

Tonight, we will watch Nicole VS Cody in Part 3 of the Final HOH. Whoever wins Part 3 will decide who to take to Final 2. From there, it's up to the jury. Who will win BB22? We'll have to wait and find out! We'll also be finding out who will win America's Favorite Player. (According to Twitter, seems to be a close race between Tyler and Davonne.) 

Okie dokie, get your snackies ready and let's watch the season finale of BB22!!! 

9pm ET:
Finale begins...

Winner of Part 3 Final HOH is:



Evicted from the BB House is:


Jury Votes:

IAN voted for...CODY
DAY voted for...CODY
KEVIN voted for...CODY
DAVID voted for...CODY
DANI voted for...CODY

Winner of BB22 is:


CODY WON 9-0!! 

Winner of AFP is:

And thats it!! Thanks for being with me again this season and I'll see yall next Summer for BB23!!! :D


  1. He did it. And she is maaaadddddd!

  2. Nicole is biiiittterrrrrrr! Looks good on her. So glad she’s not final 2. Cody deserves the win but Enzo will win if the rest of the jury is as bitter as Nicole

  3. Cody saved the season by keeping Enzo!! I’m so happy right now!!

  4. Cody knows what facetious means but he's never heard of Texans? Omg

  5. The first exciting moment this season for the viewer was when Cody evicted Nicole..

  6. Best ayer won....cant deny it.

  7. thank you for your great work, see you next year

  8. I was so happy when Cody evicted Nicole. Smartest move he made all season. I don't care for Enzo's unsportsman like attitude after he lost part 2, but he far deserved to be in the final 2. Nicole didn't win her season because of her gameplay. Nicole won her season because she was up against Paul. Her claiming she is one of the best players in BB history still has my eyes rolling. WTG, Cody!

  9. How did Day win favorite? The jokers blog never had her above 5th place on average. Thought for sure Kaysar or Jan would of won it. Hopefully next seasons better.


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