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Monday, October 26, 2020

What I've Been Up to + Thank You

Hey guys & gals! The time has come for my seasonal 'what I've been up to/Thank You' post. This is always my favorite blog post of every season, since it allows me to connect with y'all a little bit.

What a year, what a year! My husband and I just celebrated our 3 yr Wedding Anniversary a few weeks ago and we just bought our 2nd house a couple months ago. We had just bought our first house 2 yrs ago and didn't plan on selling it so soon, but the housing market has been so crazy that it was too good to pass up, especially since we've been hard at work doing minor renovations on the house. My favorite reno on the old house was the basement/rec room. We had just finished it about a month before listing it for sale. Here's the before/after pic: (..with Benny's tushy in the 'before' pic lol)

So needless to say, we spent the first half of this year preparing the house to go on the market. Also, I had caught covid in mid-March and that knocked me down for a solid month. Not fun. (Took me 4 months to fully recover.) So those 2 things overlapping each other was a little rough.

But before all of that happened...

My grandma had passed away this January. :( She was an angel on earth and the biggest positive influence in my life. That amazing woman is the sole reason I am who I am today. All of her love, all of her support, her always believing in me, her encouraging me, her being my biggest cheerleader in life...I am beyond honored to have had so many wonderful years and memories with her. I will cherish them all and I miss her every single day.

*sigh* The fur kids! Y'all are probably wondering about the fur kids! They're great!! Still spoiled rotten, as every dog should be. Here's a pic of Brianna asleep with her face buried in their toy bin lol:

Benny and Brianna are both 3 yrs old now and still act like two crazy puppies. I keep wondering when the day is gonna come that they'll calm down a bit, but I have yet to see it. haha They keep me on my toes, that's for sure. Brianna is a strong independent gal, as Benny is a cuddler and clingy. They are polar opposites of each other in personality, but they are truly the best of friends. Two peas in a crazy little pod. My babies. 

In sad news, my cat Boo Boo, that I've had for 14 years, passed away about 4 months ago. He hadn't been feeling well, so we took him to the vet one day and that's when we found out that he had a huge tumor in his belly. Considering his age, the size of the tumor, and how sick he had been, we made the decision to put him to rest. I held him, kissed his head several times, cried and he passed away peacefully in my arms. My little buddy. :(

He was also Bella's best friend all her life.

(pic: Miss Bella and Boo Boo)

Soooo...that's been my 2020. Death, covid, moving, and blogging. Ups and downs, such is life. What does the rest of the year hold? Well, we will see! I plan on finishing unpacking and organizing stuff that I didn't have time to do yet and celebrating my 40th birthday in a couple of weeks yay!! The big 4-0!! I don't feel anywhere near that "old", though. haha It's crazy.

To all the supporters of the blog....

I want to say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing support this season! Wow, you guys were absolutely amazing!!! Every single donation, every single feed signup through the's only because of YOU guys & gals that supported the blog that I was able to be here again this season! I could not have been here without it, so thank you so, soooo much!! Your support is so appreciated!!

And that's it for this post!! Thanks for reading it, thanks for being with me for yet another season, and thanks for all the love y'all have shown me this year and continue to show me every season. Much love right back to you guys and gals! I'll see you all back here on the blog on Wednesday for the Season Finale!

Jamie :)


  1. Thank you for all your blogging, such a let down season but reading your blog was the highlight. Sorry about your mom, I took care of my dad as he died from cancer just over 2 years ago and its still a healing process. Sorry you had Covid but good to hear that you recovered. Happy 40th Birthday! 🎂🎊🎉🎈🎁🍰.

    1. It was her grandma not her mom. Either way sad news.

  2. Thanks for the kind words & birthday wishes! (it was my grandma, though she was a mom to me).

  3. Thank you for the spoilers! Your the best! My deepest condolences on the passing of your granny. I’m glad to hear your well and in good spirits in spite of challenging times.

  4. Jamie I've been following your BB blogs since Day 1. They saved me when I was away camping and I could keep up with all the excitement!
    The last few years have been disappointing and this year.....well, let's just blame 2020!
    Love the pics of your fur babies. So cute!
    Sorry for your losses this year
    And congrats on your 3 year Anniversary and on the purchase of your newest home!
    Lots of us stay quietly behind the scenes, anxiously awaiting your observations and reporting on the good, bad and ugly in the BB house. But I know we all love your thoughts and reporting.
    Now I am waiting for my most favorite BB! 🇨🇦
    Best wishes to you and all who you love!
    See you next year!

    1. Thanks Lulu!! Here's hoping bb22 is better than the previous years!

  5. thanks so much for the update - Bella was so wonderful - I'm glad you have new furry friends - I'm sorry you lost your kitty (I lost mine earlier this year too suddenly)

    1. Thanks raz babe! I'm so sorry for your loss of your kitty :'( hugggs

  6. Jamie.....been with you since the start. You are my go to update every day; disappointed in this season for sure. The best years.....reading the comments and shared interest of everyone following’s all different now.....thanks for your update. Those years you were up all night watching feeds.....when there was something to watch!!! Wish the best....thanks for covering this year, always enjoy your comments and perspectives.

  7. I have enjoyed your comments on this disastrous season. I’m glad your K-9 fur babies are doing well, i have 3 myself. So sorry about your kitty, it is painful to lose one. Unless something happens I think Cody has t this one. I hope BB23 will be an actual Big Brother game. Jamie, I hope the rest of the year is better for you and your family. Thanks, Kent


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