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Friday, October 2, 2020

Friday: HOH Spoiler

Happy TGI-Friday, y'all! So the HG's played for HOH last night (I had no idea until I was about to leave for work this morning) and...

Winner of the HOH is:

*yawn* So, the nomination ceremony is today and it'll be Xmas/Tyler on the block. I'll be back at some point to confirm them in this post but just plan on that because that's what is happening. Tomorrow is the Veto Comp, where we will see which of the two goes to jury this week. The target is Xmas. 

Nominated for Eviction is:


  1. Hope Tyler wins veto to force Cody to another nomination

  2. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ sigh.....

  3. I’m really rooting for Tyler to win the season

  4. Hey Jaime...quick question from my mother. Have there been any videos like past seasons of the jury getting to the Jury House, or did they do away with that this season? Thanks again for all you do. Looking forward to your farewell post to see some pics of the new home!

    1. hey! So far, there hasn't been any footage of the jury house or members, no. They DO do that every year, but with this year being covid, I'm not sure if they'll stick with doing that or not. Strange times we're in and a lot of unknowns this season vs a normal season. Tell your mom I said hi!

    2. Thank you Jaime...I thought that might be the case! And she said hello and thank you for all you do on here!


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