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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday: Veto Comp Spoiler

Happy Saturday, y'all!! The HG's had their veto comp today and...

Winner of the Veto is:

I think Christmas is still going on Thursday at this point. Tyler was super bummed he didn't win. Nicole wants Tyler out and told Cody. Cody wants Xmas out. But as we all know, what Cody wants, Cody gets. So, will Nicole change his mind? We'll see.

The Veto Ceremony is on Monday but Cody will be keeping the noms the same (unless something drastic happens between now and then). So either Xmas or Tyler will be leaving. Have a great weekend and I'll see you guys & gals back here on Monday post-veto ceremony with the spoiler!


  1. Any idea what’s going to happen with Monday’s episode now that the football game is on?

  2. Given that CBS has announced a football game will air Monday evening when will the next episode of BB22 All stars air?

  3. In central time zone they have BB listed at 9:00 pm after the game.


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