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Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning and happy Monday to y'all! This weeks target started off leaning towards Christmas but it has now switched to Tyler. So as of now, we can expect him to go. 

Moving forward, Memphis/Nicole are gunning for each other. Nicole spent some time yesterday saying how "intimidating" Memphis is in the game because he's "so smart" at the mental comps. Then you have Memphis telling Enzo that if Nicole doesn't win the next HOH or Veto, she's going to jury next. Of course, Enzo replied "That's it!", his typical response that he tells everyone. Speaking of, this gem was found on Reddit:

Anyway, moving on...

Cody told Nicole that Xmas will go next week. If Xmas stays this week and wins HOH on Thursday, Memphis said Xmas would put up Nicole/Cody. On the flip side of that, Nicole said she'd put up Xmas/Memphis. Cody cam-talked to us feedsters and said he thinks Nicole will win HOH on Thursday and that if she doesn't and him/Nicole go up on the block together, he feels confident that he would have the votes VS Nicole anyway.

Nicole spent a lot of her time yesterday complaining. She complained how Tyler won AFP on his season, how Xmas and Tyler haven't asked her for her vote, and how Xmas thinks she's so much better than everybody. 

Tyler knows he's a goner this week and today's Veto Ceremony will solidify that when Cody doesn't use the veto. Tyler tried to tell Enzo that anybody VS Cody in a F2 scenario will result in Cody winning, and how he (Tyler) would be better to be against in F2.

So that's where we're at as of now. Tyler will go this week. 

Today is the Veto Ceremony and then tonight we have a new BB episode. (Remember, the Sunday night episodes are now on Monday's until the Finale.) I'll be back later to confirm that Cody didn't use the veto. Until then, have a great Monday!! :D


  1. With the football game on tonight at 7, any idea when the episode will air?

  2. I have checked my local listings and big brother is not listed for tonight.


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