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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday: Nominations & Veto Comp (UPDATED!!)

Happy Saturday to y'all! Yesterday was the Nomination Ceremony and as expected...

Nominated for Eviction:

With Nicole being the HOH, you'd think the target would be Christmas since Nicole is notorious for hating/not playing with women on BB but the target this week is actually Memphis. Of course, this is dependent on the veto comp today. If Memphis wins, then Xmas then becomes the new target. (Enzo would be the renom/pawn.) If Memphis does pull himself off the block, then Cody would vote to save Enzo as Memphis would save Xmas, leaving HOH Nicole to be the tiebreaker to send Xmas out. 

I'll update this post tonight on who won the Veto Comp. Until then, have a wonderful Saturday and thanks for sticking with me through this awful season! lol We're almost to the finish line, guys & gals. The finale is Oct 28th. :)

Winner of the Veto Comp is:

Memphis will go this week, no shocker there. There were some talks of maybe keeping Memphis instead but doesn't seem to have shifted anything. Nicole/Xmas said they'd take each other to F3. Nicole confirmed with
us feedsters that she wants a F3 with Xmas/herself/Cody. Then we had Xmas told us feedsters that she wants a F3 with Nicole/Memphis/herself. 

Nicole will not be using the Veto this week, keeping noms the same and with Memphis getting evicted on Thursday over Xmas. In other news, Nicole/Cody talked about how funny it was that a wall yeller warned the house that Nicole/Cody had a F2 and even Janelle and Kaysar warned HG's, and yet nobody listened. (*Can't believe this is our "All Stars" season.) 

Enzo and Memphis talked about how they think Cody would keep Nicole over them two (E/M) at F4. They're not wrong.  Nicole mentioned how good Enzo's social game is. Seems like Enzo is on the path to the same outcome as his first BB season of getting far and then cut at the end. 

If you're wondering if Memphis knows he's getting evicted this week , the answer is no. He's being reassured (falsely) that he's safe and that Xmas will go. I would hope for a blindside, but in this season of no game moves or blindsides, I expect them to tell Memphis last minute and ruin any fun we could have. Ho-hum. 

I'll be back on Monday to confirm the Veto Ceremony results. Have a great Sunday!!


  1. If I were Enzo and won the veto I would pull Halloween off the block and force her to put up. Cody. Then Halloween and Enzo should pick Cody to go.

    That’s BB old school. Not this group vote crap.

    1. What you are describing is the game called Big Brother. Unfortunately, we dont have that this season. Who would have thought, an "All Star" season, and not a single backdoor. Virtually every eviction unanimous...its sad

    2. Yep. There hasn't even been any moves, let alone a backdoor or anything shocking. Of the worst seasons.

  2. I would call this show… Follow the leader… There’s no big Brother going on. It’s just what the HOH wants. Unfortunately nobody who was actually willing to play the game was ever HOH. I think CBS owes us a redo. We want to see a actual big brother all star show. With absolutely no outside influence.Or pregame cheat sheets.


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