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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday: Live Eviction Episode

Happy Thursday, BB addicts! Tonight is the live eviction and Memphis is still slated to get evicted tonight. He's still not filled in on him being the one getting evicted vs Xmas, and while I'd love to see a blindside, Enzo wants to tell him. Cody, however, doesn't. So will it be a blindside or not? We'll see!

Tonight is a new HOH Comp following the live eviction as usual. Who do you want to see win HOH? I think I would like to see Xmas win it because then we'd finally get to see the Nicole/Cody as noms, which is what most fans wanted to see all season long. Since nothing has remotely panned out to be going good this season, I'll just expect Cody to win HOH because...BB22. *shrugs* lol

The finale is just 2 weeks away. Even Cody mentioned a couple days ago how he's so ready for this season to be over and it feels like it's never going to end. Oh, I can sooo relate. I think we all can.

Okie dokie, tonight's live show begins at 8pm ET as always, so make sure to meet me back here with snackies in hand and ready to go! :D

8:00pm ET:
Show begins...

The Votes:
Cody votes to evict...MEMPHIS
Enzo votes to evict...MEMPHIS

Evicted from the BB House is:


Up next is the HOH Comp, hosted by Kaysar! 
Also, BB23 has been confirmed as they're casting for it now!

 The HOH Comp won't be on TV. Not sure if it'll be on the feeds or if we'll miss it and have to wait until the West Coast airing in a few hours. Either way, I'll update this post whenever I find out. 

Winner of the HOH is:


  1. I can't believe Nicole is still in there - not a fan of any of these people.

  2. Xmas needs to win veto to stay


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