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Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! When I woke up this morning and turned on the feeds, I saw that Dani had woken up The Committee alliance to have a secret meeting. It was Dani, Nicole, Cody, Memphis and Christmas. Dani doesn't want the veto used and her/Day had a long conversation yesterday about that. Day wants to use it. Dani is begging her not to use it so she doesn't have to put up a replacement nom. Day said she always thinks "if I was watching this season, what would I want me to do?" and asked Dani what would she want her to do if she was watching this season. (The obvious/correct answer would be for Day to use it.) Dani joked "Don't use it". 

Dani told the alliance this morning that if she has to make a renom, it'll be Ian. With Ian being Nicole's biggest ally in the game, this isn't sitting well with her at all. After the meeting, Nicole and Cody talked real quick in the bathroom. Nicole said it's not fair that her ally (Ian) is going to get evicted. Cody said she has other allies in the alliance. Nicole then went and talked to Xmas and vented the same frustrations, adding that she "can't even give Ian a pity vote". (*She can, but if the vote is tied, Dani would have to be the tiebreaker to send Ian out). 

So, what's The Committee's plan to get Davonne to not use the veto? 

Note: This gif is from 3:13am BBT: Dani/Cody discuss why Ian would have to go versus Tyler, and how Dani doesn't wanna send Ian out on her HOH. Dani is also upset with Nicole for talking to Davonne. This is something worth using the Flashback Feeds to re-watch.

The Plan:
The alliance is planning on interrupting Day's Veto ceremony, telling the noms (Kevin/Tyler) to leave the living room for a minute, and then have all of them raise their hands to show solidarity in front of Davonne that if she keeps the noms the same, that Tyler would get evicted (they wanna bring Tyler in on the plan). This would also make Ian more comfortable in case Day does use the veto and Ian was the replacement nom (even though Ian would go). 

I really hope Day just uses the veto anyway, and I believe she will use it. On a sidenote, I love that Day is making them all sweat it out this week, so that's fun to see. lol 

As for today, Dani told the alliance to go to sleep and then they can talk about it more when they wake up. Today is the Veto Ceremony, so they will have to come some sort of a conclusion before that happens. With Nicole not happy with her closest ally being planned as the renom and evicted this week, we can expect to see  more push-back from her today on the feeds. 

In other news...
Ian (again) was ranting yesterday to Nicole about how if he "gets twisted out of the game" (evicted due to the basement twist) and gets sent to jury, he's forfeiting his $40k stipend and quitting.  The cameras immediately shifted to somewhere else in the backyard, so us feedsters couldn't hear anymore of that convo.

And that's it for The Overnighter! We'll have to wait and see what the day brings. It'll be interesting, that's for sure. Have a great Monday, everyone!! :D

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  1. So Ian is playing the same game as Tyler - so who does production like more Tyler or Ian.


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