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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday Funday, y'all!! Okay, so as we learned yesterday, Davonne won the veto. Tomorrow (Monday) is the Veto Ceremony. The current noms are Kevin/Tyler, after David (original nom vs Kevin) pulled himself off the block using his BB Basement power. 

So, is Day gonna use the veto to save Kevin? It looks that way, but there's been no 100% confirmation on that as of yet. If she does, who will HOH Dani put up? Well, it looks like it will be Ian. How did that happen? Cody. He convinced Dani last night to target Ian this week. (*Yea, that's gonna be a good look for them after making fun of Ian's autism and getting blasted in multiple news outlets for it.) Cody is running the house the same way that Derrick ran the house. It's BB16 all over again. 

Cody said he wants to get out: Ian, Xmas, David, and Tyler (in that order). Dani wondered if they should leave Tyler in for that long. Cody said he's a good ally to have around for now. (*Anyone else hoping Tyler stays and goes after Dani for being so dumb to keep him in the game and for her listening to Cody? lol)

Dani won't be putting Xmas up as a renom (if Day uses the veto), because now she knows that Xmas has a power to block herself from being a renom. How does she know this? Because Davonne told her yesterday. How does Davonne know about Xmas having a power? Because, according to Day, she was standing next to her when she won it.


Moving on...
If Day does use the veto, and Ian is the replacement nom, who will go home? I think Ian will, sadly. It's sad because (1) I'm sure most of us BB fans love Ian and he's one of the last favorites in the house and (2) Tyler is still going on and on about how if he goes to the jury house, he's not staying there. In other words, he'll give up all the money and just go home. What a waste. It's a waste of a spot in the house, it's poor sportsmanship, and it doesn't even sound like the Tyler we all came to knew of the years. I'm not sure if he's just mentally in a bad place, or just being a sore loser. Either way, it's not cool. So once again, a guy who doesn't even wanna be there and tried to self evict how many times already, and is threatening to actually do it come his eviction to the jury house, will probably stay this week.

Nothing this season has made sense and continues to not make sense. I'm done trying to make it make sense. I'm tired, y'all. lol 

Anyway, tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony and we'll have a clearer picture of what will happen this week after that. Until then, have a wonderful Sunday Funday and I'll see you lovely guys & gals back here tomorrow morning!! :D


  1. I so want a battleback of all the evicted houseguests as than the one sided house could be shook up. Could they make it where the first five houseguests to lose the next hoh have to play to keep their spots by playing against the evicted. If they are home they know who is playing who. Can we imagine? Expect the unexpected.

  2. Something please. I am so disgusted with them bashing Ian. Seriously disgusted

    1. Can you imagine what his family is feeling.its so heartbreaking! really hope if he gets put up,he stays this week.

  3. Yep, agree - Tyler has been a really bad sport this season - not even close to the guy he was in his season.


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