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Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday: Final HOH Part 1 (Spoiler)

Happy TGI-Friday, guys & gals!! The HG's played their Final 3 Part 1 comp late last night and...

Winner of Part 1 Final HOH is:

This means that Part 2 will have Enzo VS Cody. Winner of that part 2 will battle vs Nicole. Whichever HG wins Final HOH will then pick live on the air on Wednesday which HG they wanna take with them to Final 2. 

So far, it's not looking good for Enzo but he has 1 more shot. As we know, Cody and Nicole will take each other no matter what, so the only exciting thing would be for Enzo to win it and have a shift in plans for once this season. lol 

Part 2 will either be played today or tomorrow. When it happens, I'll update the blog. Have a great weekend y'all!!


  1. Unbelievable all these people got played by the awful Nicole and Cody - ugh

  2. Big Brother.... expect the unexpected

    Except in the Anti-all stars duldrums of this season

  3. Nicole is metal nails on a chalkboard

  4. I don’t think either one of them are awful... all Cody does is WIN and all Nichole does is make Final Two’s.... either deserves to win for different reasons... I’m for seeing history made... GO NICHOLE...!!!

  5. The wall person didn't even make the houseguests care...


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