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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday: Final 3 Live Show

Happy Thursday, everybody! We're just one week away from the Season Finale on October 28th. Tonight we will watch Xmas get evicted, leaving Enzo/Cody/Nicole to compete in Part 1 of the Final HOH! It'll be an endurance comp, unless they're changing things up for some reason. I don't know if it'll be on the feeds or not, since we missed a ton of stuff on the feeds this year. 

So get your snackies and meet me back here at 8pm for the live eviction show!! :D

8:00pm ET:
Show begins...

8:38pm ET:

Evicted from the BB House is:

Here's our F3, guys & gals! 

No mention of when the F3 HOH Comp Part 1 is going to be played. I'll update the blog whenever I know who won on whatever day that is played. Goodnight!!

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