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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday: Veto Comp Spoiler

Happy Saturday, guys & gals! The remaining HG's had their Veto Comp today and...

Winner of the Veto is:

...can we just hand him the check and get this season over with now? lol 

So Cody and Enzo will be going to Final 3 and most likely with Nicole, as Xmas is the target this week. The season finale is in 11 days from now, and that's when we'll finally put the nail in the coffin in this horrible season. *head desk* Here's hoping BB23 is better!! (If you haven't heard yet, they're casting for BB23 now.)  

Oh, Xmas and Nicole are the noms but it doesn't even really matter this week since it all came down to who won Veto anyway.


  1. I stopped watching and just come here to see what's going on - I can't believe Nicole is still there - horrible season - is the best of BB behind us? Is everyone from now on just going to be there to get some kind of fame?

  2. Problem with this season is the ppl knew each other beforehand and started playing the game forming alliances and strategizing before they ever entered the house. They knew how the others played the game so it made moves predictable. Thats y its better when strangers enter the house and meet for the 1st time

  3. Ok that was the lamest luxury comp ever—really?

    Part of the boredom of this season I think is that there haven’t been any good twists. The only good one was the triple eviction.

    And if Cody is in the final two he’ll win.

    Sigh 😔

    1. Cody won weeks ago, imo. That's why I want them to just fast forward to the end and it get over with. lol

      And what happened to the Dr Will twist?! Ugh. Another failure of a twist.


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